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What is MatchMyRx?

MatchMyRx is a tool that helps patients and healthcare providers match Meds with Health Conditions to detect medication warnings, increase medication adherence and improve the communication between patients and their doctors

How it Works

MatchMyRx is used by patients, healthcare providers and med students

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Match your Meds with your Conditions

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Why MatchMyRx?

  • Off-label indications

    Patients are often not aware of off-label treatments (not approved by the FDA) or the risks involved in taking controlled substances

  • Uncoded patients

    A great amount of patients with a major chronic condition are missing at least one diagnosis from their medical records

  • Access to health records

    Patients usually don’t have access to their personal medical records

Our Corporate Partners


MatchMyRx helps providers detect uncoded conditions as a free add-on within the EHR without affecting workflow


MatchMyRx helps payors detect abuse, waste and uncoded patients, in real-time, at the pharmacy


MatchMyRx helps patients with their prescription record, medication literacy and adherence