Why should EHR vendors match a patients’ conditions with their medications?

Electronic health record (EHR) vendors currently integrate multiple third party applications to their platforms, like for example: e-prescribing solutions. This means that EHRs can now manage both medical records and prescription records of a patient. With these capabilities, providers can manage a complete consultation on the EHR without navigating through different software applications or filling out paper forms.

Due to these technological advances, we now can take advantage of having the health conditions of a patient and their medications in the same place. Although payers and health plans have always treated medical claims independently from prescription claims, these are completely interrelated and must be seen as a whole when looking into a patients’ health record.

With MatchMyRx EHR vendors can easily match the patients’ health conditions and medications, helping providers and health systems detect, in real-time, uncoded conditions, uncoded antibiotics and uncoded controlled substances; improving the patients’ medical and prescription data.