What is a Free Medication Record by MatchMyRx?

In MatchMyRx patients can create a free Personal Medication Record.

So, what is a Free Medication Record?

In MatchMyRx we believe that patients should understand better their meds and what their doctors are prescribing. Often, patients leave the doctor’s office without really knowing which medication goes with which health condition and even more often they forget which meds they’re taking, making it hard for them to adhere to their treatments and even harder for their doctors to track all the medications a patient is being prescribed by all their physicians.

How does a free Personal Medication Record helps?

MatchMyRx takes the health conditions and medications of a patient and matches them to reveal the following information:

Why create a free Personal Medication Record?

MatchMyRx wants to empower patients to take more control over their health, improving their medication adherence and the communication with their healthcare providers. MatchMyRx also wants to prevent medical errors, prescription abuse and reduce overall healthcare costs.

With their free Personal Medication Record patients can be more aware of why they’re taking a specific medication, if they suffer from conditions not mentioned by their doctor and learn the type of medications they’re taking.

Patients later can print and share their free Personal Medication Record with their doctors and family members to help them remember and better adhere to their medications.

Create your free Personal Medication Record and learn more about your Health